How to Apply Patches to Android with Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is one of the most useful tools out there for Android that allow you to do a lot of things that you normally can’t do with your Android device.

With Lucky Patcher, along with other things, you get the option to apply patches to Android. Yes, you can apply patches to Android which will make it easier for you to do several things on your Android device that you weren’t able to do before.

Once you apply Patches to Android, you will be able to get the modded version of Google Play Store with no limitations on Android OS.

How to Apply Patches to Android with Lucky Patcher?

Before you proceed any further, you should know that this requires your Android device to be rooted. So, if you don’t want to root your Android device, then you should look elsewhere as root is must for this process.

If you have already rooted your device and installed Lucky Patcher on your device, you should skip Step 1 and 2.

  1. Root your Android device to start the process. The root process is different for different smartphones, so, search on the Internet according to your device model.
  2. Download the Lucky Patcher App from our website and install it. (You can read here on How to Install Lucky Patcher App)
  3. Once installed, open the Lucky Patcher App.
  4. Click on “Toolbox” from the bottom panel.
  5. Select “Patch to Android”.
  6. Select the first two patches and then tap on Apply.
  7. Make sure that “only patch dalvik-cache” option is selected.
  8. After you tap on Apply, the device will reboot.
  9. Open the Lucky Patcher App again and head over to Patch to Android again.
  10. This time select the third patch and click Apply.
  11. Now the device will reboot again and you will see all the three patches have been applied.

1st Patch:

Needed for modded Google Play, for In-App Purchases, and LVL emulation.

2nd Patch:

Needed for the installation of modded Google Play as a user application.

3rd Patch:

Needed for installation of old versions of apps on current versions and re-signed apps on original apps.

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