How to Delete Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a really useful app which allows you to do several things that you can’t do with your Android device by default.

You can patch several apps, remove their license(paid apps), and in-app purchases without any cost.

You may be wondering how do I remove Lucky Patcher from my Android Device? Because it requires root access, uninstalling or deleting Lucky Patcher is not like other apps where you just remove the app and everything goes with it.

Lucky Patcher being a unique app uses the root permission to change the System files on Android. So, just removing and uninstalling the app will not remove everything that the app had done.

How to Delete/Uninstall Lucky Patcher?

You will have to do several extra things to remove Lucky Patcher and its data completely from your Android device.

1. Removing Patches done to Android

The first thing that you should do before you uninstall the app is remove any patches done to Android.

You can read more about How to Remove Patches done to Android.

2. Removing Custom App Patches

If you applied any custom patches to other apps, then you should also remove those patches from the Lucky Patcher app.

3. Deactivating its Xposed Module

Another thing that you should do before you uninstall the Lucky Patcher app is Deactivate its Xposed Module from Xposed Installer App.

4. Deleting the App Folder

Using any file manager, locate the Lucky Patcher folder on your Android device and delete it.

Once you do all the aforementioned things, you can now uninstall the Lucky Patcher App from your Android device and by doing so, it will remove all of the changes made to your device and app data.

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