What do different colors of apps mean on Lucky Patcher?

What do different colors of apps mean on Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher has a lot of uses which are helpful for Android users. You get all the freedom and do what you always wanted to do like remove license verification, remove ads from apps and games, make clones/backups etc.

While you can make changes to the app, not every app can be modified. Lucky Patcher makes it easy for us to find out which app can be using Lucky Patcher and which can not.

When you open Lucky Patcher then you will see that it shows different colors for each application. Some people may let these go unnoticed, but these colors represent each app and whether it can be modified or not.

What do different colors of apps mean on Lucky Patcher?

This is a useful feature of Lucky Patcher as it shows various colors on different apps, all of which represent various abilities and necessities of the applications.


This means green light and the application can be registered(license verification) and disconnected from Google Play Services.


Yellow Color means that there are custom patches available for the application, which can be applied.


Purple Means that the application works at the backend(background) with system startup.


This means that the application contains advertisements.


It means that the application is a system app and you shouldn’t mess with it.


It means that the application can not be modified with Lucky Patcher.

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